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 Terms and conditions

Payment terms
For your booking to be firm, a deposit representing 50% of the total rent needs to be paid upon written confirmation. The remaining 50% of the total rent needs to be paid 8 weeks before the date of arrival. Payments shall be effected net of all banking charges, which shall be at the expense of the lessee. Payments shall be effected by bank transfer.
Security deposit
On the day of arrival, the lessee shall make a security deposit to the lessor payable in cash (Cheques are not accepted). This sum will be refunded to the lessee on the day of departure after deduction of an estimate of any damages caused to the villa, its furniture and equipment following a joint inventory established by the parties.
Cancellation policy
In the event of a cancellation on the part of the lessee for any reason which is not attributable to the acts and doings of the lessor or for any cause beyond his control, all monies paid by the lessee shall be forfeited to the lessor. But in this case, the lessee will be offered the possibility to postpone his rental within a maximum of 12 months depending on the availability of the villas and also by taking into account any seasonal price adjustments.  If the cancellation takes place within 8 weeks before the contracted date of arrival, the lessee will not be able to postpone his rental and all monies paid by the lessee shall be forfeited to the lessor except if the lessor manages to find another tenant for the same period, in which case the lessor shall refund the lessee for all monies paid after deduction of the banking charges. The lessee is advised to take an insurance policy to insure him against any risk which could lead to the cancellation of the contract as aforesaid. Exception for Sunny Beach villa: If booking is cancelled within 3 months before arrival date, 100% cancellation fee applies.
Swimming pools
For the villas that are rented with an open swimming pool, the lessor and/or his representatives and/or agents shall by no means be held responsible for body injuries which could occur to the lessee and/or to the members of his family, his/her guests and/or any other allowed person on the premises during the lease period. The lessee shall be solely responsible for any damages caused to such persons and hereby renounces to all rights of action for negligence and want of surveillance against the lessor. As a precautionary measure, the lessor shall put at the disposal of the lessee 2 sets of buoys for children. 
Because of the tropical climate, the villas are equipped with anti-mosquito apparatuses and regular pest control treatments against insects and prowlers are carried out during the year. In spite of the precautions taken, the presence of insects and prowlers on the premises cannot be completely avoided. The lessor and/or his representatives will thus not be liable to compensate the lessee and his guests for any discomfort which could result from same.
The lessee is advised to insure all his personal effects and those of his guests and other persons accompanying against theft or damages to their personal belongings and the lessor and/or his representatives and/or agents shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss arising as a result thereof.
The present lease shall be governed by the provisions of the Mauritian Civil Code relating to the residential lease to the extent that they do not contradict any of the provisions of the present lease.
General conditions
1) Check in time is 14.00 hours. If the lessee wishes to enter the place before normal check in time, he/she will be charged an additional half day rent.
2) Departure time is 10.00 hours. If the lessee wishes to remain in the premises after 10.00 hours on departure date, he/she will be charged an additional half day rent.
3) The lessee will use the premises for himself and his guests with care and will maintain same in good tenantable condition. All the installations are in good working conditions and any complaint with regard to them occurring more than 24 hours after the entry in the villa shall not be receivable. All repairs rendered necessary as a result of the negligence or bad maintenance of the premises and its equipment and fixtures shall be borne by the lessee. 
4) The lessee shall not do or allow to be done anything on the premises which could disturb the tranquility of the neighbors.
5) The lessee is not entitled to sub-lease the villa or cede or assign his/her rights under the lease agreement to anyone except with the written consent of the lessor.
6) The buildings are rented furnished with kitchen material, crockery, glasses, cloths and pillows as per inventory. If need be, the lessor or his representative and/or agent shall have the right to claim from the lessee, on his departure, the replacement value of objects, furniture or equipment broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged and those whose depletion would exceed the normal wear and tear for the duration of lease; the cost of cleaning of covers/cushions/settees rendered abnormally dirty; an allowance for the deterioration of any nature of the curtains, walls, ceilings, carpet, fitted carpet, panes, bed linen, etc
7) The villa is insured by the lessor against tenant’s risks and the lessee shall not be liable for such risks provided that the lessee shall notify the lessor of any damage to the premises or its furniture and equipment within 24 hours of its occurrence. 
8) The lessor or his representative shall be allowed to visit the premises upon request.


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